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Humble Beginnings. 2 Brothers & An Idea:

What if we made a field ticket solution that was super-simple and so configurable that customers could keep a lot of what they do the same?

That’s it! That’s literally what our Co-Founders Brad & Tom were thinking back when FieldCap was born.

How did you come up with the idea for FieldCap?

Back in the day when a local newspaper The Calgary Herald asked Brad & Tom what they were up to with FieldCap, here’s what they had to say…

“We knew we were on to something when we saw how personal and highly customized paper-based field tickets are to the companies who use them. In many cases these paper forms or spreadsheets represent years or decades of learning and refining what works for each particular company. Altering them can have real implications for the business, their staff, and even their customers.”

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    “Armed with this realization we decided to find a way to help companies automate without having to give up the DNA of their existing forms and processes. From this our “your ticket, your way” approach was born and it resonates with our customers.”

    What made you choose to go down the path of entrepreneurship?

    “It is debatable whether it was a conscious decision or an inevitable part of a journey. Our dad has been running a successful business that he built from scratch for 40 years and counting. We have witnessed and lived the benefits that come from hard work, humility and the courage to bet on yourself. So when the right opportunity presented itself we took it and ran with it, almost without thinking.” 

    Read the full interview on the Calgary Herald website.

What’s Up With The Scissors?

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Our Guiding Principles

We don’t have extensive employee manuals or handbooks.

We don’t have staff portals or company intranet pages either. Instead we rely on 3 key values to guide everything we do.

  1. Keep It Simple
  2. Make Things Better
  3. Show That You Care

We had 5 but realized over time they all boil down to these three. They are working pretty good.

The FieldCap Team

Our team is built with people who share our core value of “Show that you care.” 

Everyone interacts with customers to make the entire experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. It really is a team effort that makes a difference.

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