Our “Your Ticket Your Way” Approach

It’s the right thing to do and it makes everything easier.

It’s our core belief that the best field ticket is the one you are using today.


4 Reasons Our Approach Is Better For You


1. Your field tickets aren’t the real problem.

The real problem is that they exist in paper or spreadsheets or some other inefficient system that is costing you time and money.

We think your field tickets are great. You designed them, tweaked them and used them to build your business. They are battle tested and part of your DNA. Trying to figure out how you would do business without them is a waste of time and energy and it’s risky.


2. It’s less disruptive to your business & life

Implementing new software is hard and there is no getting around it. BUT…

By using your existing tickets as the foundation, FieldCap can allow you to keep your existing workflow in place. Not having to re-vamp all of your roles and processes makes the journey much easier on your team.

And with the end result looking familiar there is much less for everyone to re-learn and adjust to.


3. It builds on what you already do well

Once your field tickets are configured in FieldCap we can do lots of cool things to really make them hum. Such as:

  • Pre-fill information to reduce typing.
  • Hide certain information like pricing
  • Auto-calculate data to reduce napkin math
  • Capture info you want but nobody else needs to see
  • And much more!


4. It’s actually cheaper and faster

Custom-fit used to mean expensive and results came after a big, long project. Not with FieldCap. Since we don’t have to re-think how you work we can have you up and running in weeks not months and for less than you think.


How easy is it to get started with FieldCap?

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