Top 10 Questions About FieldCap

You asked (well, maybe not “you”, but someone did) so here are the answers to the questions we hear most often.

What does FieldCap do?

Our team and our apps do the same thing every day: help oilfield customers track jobs and tickets so they can operate more efficiently and get paid faster. 

So, is FieldCap custom software?

Yes and no. We have a bullet-proof core product but we leave room to tailor the solution perfectly for your business.  We will fit into your business and your systems. We don’t have big enough egos to think that your business should fit into some off-the-shelf solution that we’ve created without even getting to know you (yuck!).

What other systems does FieldCap integrate with?

FieldCap integrates with a number of  common accounting and ERP systems to make your life even easier. If not we can surely make it happen.

Does FieldCap do [Insert random customer request here]?

Absolutely! We added [insert random customer request here] for another happy customer. Great minds think alike!

What kind of devices will run FieldCap?

The short answer is any modern device. We specifically chose our innovative browser-based approach so that you don’t have to worry about managing devices or applications. Like online banking, you just login and it works. (Even offline!)

Do you need a wifi, cellular or an internet connection to use FieldCap?

Nope. We know the realities of the field. Even though coverage may not be available, we always have you covered. FieldCap can operate online or offline. (Or the more common environment known as “sketchy Internet”)

How long have you been around?

We will celebrate ten years pretty soon.

What’s with the fake scissors?

We have a simple dream… to “Fill the Wall”. We want to fill our walls with pictures of happy customers. At FieldCap we don’t aspire to be a really big company, or to dominate the market, or win awards and accolades. At the end of the day we aspire to provide our customers with amazing service and solutions that help them succeed and to have fun doing it.

This all sounds good, how do we get started?

Easy, Request a demo.