Electronic Field Ticket Experts

Reliable software that’s easy to use is only part of the story.  Our team is built with people who share our core value of “Show that you care.”

Everyone interacts with customers to make the entire experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. It really is a team effort that makes a difference.



Brad Peterson

President & Co-Owner

If FieldCap is a bus, Brad is the driver. Sometimes he gets to pick where the team is going, other times he just follows instructions. Luckily for us he’s equally great at both. More than anything Brad loves building close-knit teams and connecting them with opportunities to knock it out of the park together. When his office gets too hot or the team boots him out for the day, there’s a good chance you’ll find this good ol’ boy out on the blacktop or trails on one of his motorbikes.

Tom Peterson

VP Technology & Co-Owner

If you’re interested in working with FieldCap you’ll be talking to Tom. He is the ticket-whisperer of the team and has seen it all. One piece of advice though – talk loud because Tom is a drummer. Rumour has it there are some old videos of his band somewhere in the MuchMusic archives, but we can neither confirm nor deny those claims. Tom says working for his older brother is an amazing privilege. (Disclaimer - all website content was reviewed and edited by Brad)

Matt Toupin

Implementation Manager

Our customers love Matt. He is a “salt of the earth” kind of guy. What you see is what you get, and he always does exactly what he says (core value #4). Matt is also a great communicator who has almost unlimited patience and a wealth of development experience to draw on when helping others. These are great traits to have when you lead customer service for a customer service company. Outside of work, Matt loves to play hockey and ski. The steeper and deeper, the better!

Roger Versluis

Development Team Lead

Roger is the one-man think tank for FieldCap – always dreaming up new ideas, bringing in new technology and making sure we’re moving forward and improving. But the main reason we love Roger is he leads the league in making fun of Tom, a favourite pastime of everyone on the team. Before joining FieldCap, Roger toured the world as an Officer on a cruise ship (“Iceberg right ahead!”). He also has a massive sweet tooth – like Willy Wonka, but way taller and not quite as creepy.

Simon Gorman

Customer Success Manager

Simon is a true problem solver. When he locks on to a challenge it's head down & focused until the solution is found. His focus is so intense we’re thinking about laying his monitor flat on his desk, so he doesn't have to look up. Simon also gets the award for “Best Accent” at FieldCap – he’s Irish. Easy on the Lucky Charms jokes though, he trains in Muay Thai martial arts and we have yet to see any black eyes, so we’re thinking he must be pretty good.

Matthew Donovan

Quality Assurance

Quality comes from pride. And not just pride in the solutions you create, but in your own contribution. Fortunately for our team and our customers, Matthew has lots of both. It shows in the amazing work he does protecting our brand. He enables us to make bold promises, knowing that our customers will always get our best. Oh, and if you think you are good at movie trivia ... you're not. Trust us.

Jason Trevis

Business Development

Great story tellers are rare. They know how to connect with people and tap into emotions. That's Jason. His big smile, big personality and big heart make him impossible to ignore. At FieldCap those gifts are used for “Stirring the Pot!” - promoting FieldCap “your ticket your way” in the Calgary marketplace and beyond. And he has the technical chops as well. He joined us from CGI where he spent the over 9 years promoting field and back office solutions in the Oil and Gas market.

Join Our Team

Are you a software implementation guru, developer or customer support agent that takes pride in their work, enjoys working in a tight knit team, on a product that customers love?

Well then the FieldCap team is waiting for you. We are looking for a developer with experience building Web Applications using the Microsoft Stack and Test Drive Development (TDD) methodology. We use tools, methodologies, and systems that make it both fun and interesting to come to work. Give us a shout!