Oilfield Software Kept Simple On Purpose

Finally… Oilfield software that doesn’t try to be everything.

FieldCap is a simple web-based software system that uses tailored modules to organize and capture data about  your Jobs, Field tickets, Time Sheets, Safety Forms,  Purchase Orders, Activity Logs, Approvals, Custom Forms, Operational Data etc.

Popular Features By User Type:

Field Staff

Office Staff

Familiar Forms
FieldCap lets you keep your form layouts, data fields and lingo the same. Easy!
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Fast Review & Approval
All your tickets in one place – ready for review by job, customer, service line etc.
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FieldCap is web-based but also works offline – so it always works.
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Batch Processing
Convert all your tickets or time sheets to invoices in 3 clicks – For real.
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Field Approvals
Get work and tickets approved easily – digital stamp, email and good old print & sign.
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User Permissions
Easily ensure that people only access the jobs and features that they require.
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FieldCap is so simple you just start using it. No training required!
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Drop Down Menu’s
With field staff clicking instead of writing – all the tickets come in on time and correct!
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Your Customers

Reporting Tools
See whats happening in real time – track jobs, customers and equipment easily.
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Field Approvals
With FieldCap you give them options – digital stamp, email and good old print & sign.
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Modular Set-Up
FieldCap lets you start simple and add items later based on your business needs.
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Real Time Data
When something changes you can respond quickly and keep things moving!
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Integrate & Export
Easily send your data to your other systems or export for your own reports.
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Getting it right the first time save them time and makes them look good.
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Pay-As-You-Go Fees
Ok it’s not a feature. But our customers love this flexibility!
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Knowing that you can provide the data they need in a timely manner.
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Every happy customer started with a short demo.

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