Oilfield Job, Ticket & Approval Tools That Adapt To You

Why settle for something that “kinda” fits?  FieldCap fits your business perfectly.

FieldCap was built specifically for oilfield services and the following qualities make it a game-changer:

Oilfield Field Ticket

Perfectly Tailored

  • We adjust FieldCap to fit your business – not the other way around.
  • We replicate your existing tickets inside FieldCap to keep things familiar.
  • Your logo, colors, header data, labels, calculations – they are all there.

Keep your DNA

  • Who are we to tell you what your tickets should look like.
  • The best ticket designs are the ones you built your business on.

Oilfield software

Loved In the Field

“We are very happy with Field Cap… and the guys in the field love it!“

Paul Poscente, Executive Chairman
Backwoods Energy Services

Actual Field Survey Results

  • How easy is FieldCap to use? Avg. score 8/10
  • How likely would you be to recommend FieldCap? Avg. Score 8/10


Flexible & Scalable

  • FieldCap is modular and customized so you get to decide how you use it.
  • It can operate alone or integrated with other systems.
  • It plays nice with other systems like accounting and ERP

Never Feel “Stuck” again

  • You can modify your FieldCap as your business evolves.
  • Grow with no fear of “rip & replace” as your needs change.


Starting Is Easy

  • Get rolling in weeks rather than months.
  • Forget DIY. We get you set-up while you do your real job.
  • We configure your tickets and load your data.

Less Disruptive

  • So simple and familiar there is little training required.
  • You can iterate quickly and perfect things eve after launch.

Flexible Options. Fast Results. Happy Customers.

Shouldn’t you at least take a look?

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