Getting Started With FieldCap Is Easy

Our 3-step process can have you running smoother in weeks.

Step 1: Ask your self a few questions:

  • Question 1:

    Are you currently frustrated by paper, spreadsheets or bad software?

    • Yes! Field ticketing paperwork and slow approvals are slowing my business and costing me money! You are like 95% of field services companies. Go to Question 2.
    • Only a little. Good for you. You’re lucky not to have any major problems. However, if you plan to grow your business in the future, will you be able to handle the extra paperwork without it causing problems? We hope so, but you may want to go to Question #2, just to be sure.
    • Nope. Paper and spreadsheets work fine. Ok, you’re part of the 1%’ers but that’s ok, we like unicorns. As your business grows, the paperwork and spreadsheets will become much less fun — guaranteed.
  • Question 2:

    How many field workers in your company?

    • Less than 10 field workers. Uh oh. Sounds like you might be a little small for a field ticketing solution from FieldCap. Most of our clients have at least ten folks doing work in the field of some kind.
    • 10 – 25 field workers. Great, you’re right in the range where a field ticketing solution from FieldCap will help you streamline the paperwork and billing process AND it makes for a quick ROI. (ROI is fancy accounting-speak for Return on Investment. Essentially it means you’ll save more money than you spend.
    • 25 – 50 field workers. Awesome!! This is our sweet spot. The majority of FieldCap clients are this size or growing very quickly into this range. The advantage you have is that you’re not so big that rolling out new software and processes will be a major undertaking. And you’re probably going to have a very strong ROI and payback period of less than 12 months.
    • 50 – 100 field workers. Now we’re talking! Your company has grown to a size where the paper-based field tickets and/or spreadsheets are probably causing some significant issues. That means the benefits and ROI to your business are going to be very significant. Maybe HUGE! Roll-out and Training will be two key areas that we give some extra attention to make sure your office and field workers get the most from your new FieldCap solution.
    • Over 100 field workers. Wow! Your company is like some of our biggest clients where your field ticketing solution is going to have a major impact on your operations. We’ve worked with clients of this size where the implementations involve multiple locations, lots of users in the field and the office, and probably some extra technical work to make the FieldCap field ticketing solution work with some other systems (SAP, SAGE, MS Dynamics, QuickBooks). Don’t worry. We can handle the big guys, too. And at this level we’ll buy the donuts for the meetings!
  • Question 3:

    Is there support from Senior Management to make a change?

    • Yes, everyone is on board and eager to make improvements. Great. Let’s get started yesterday and have it implemented by a month ago. (Sorry, implementations involving time travel are not supported at this time.)
    • Mid-level management is keen but we’re working on convincing the Boss. OK, we have some work to do before we can start the project. The first step will be to clarify the problems and outline the benefits to the company in real terms – increased productivity, faster approval of field tickets and invoices, reduced errors, and reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). We can help with that!
    • I’m leading this project and doing some initial legwork before involving Management. We love “forward thinkers” like you and we want to help. You’re going to need to build support in your company from the field and the head office. We would suggest reading some of our Case Studies to find examples of how other companies have benefited by implementing FieldCap’s field ticketing software.
  • Question 4:

    Budget. Do you have one?

    • Free. Sorry, you’re in the wrong place. FieldCap is a premium solution.
    • $50/user/month – Perfect! How did you know this was our starting price? You must be super smart. The FieldCap field ticketing solution is a cloud-based service that is licensed based on the number of Users in your organization – both field and head office users.
    • Set-Up Fees (TBD) – We are not the cheapest or the most expensive. Remember FieldCap was built specifically for oilfield services companies so the implementation is a little more complicated than just downloading software. But happy paying customers prove that the value is there.
    • We have money and will pay for the RIGHT SOLUTION, RIGHT NOW. Great call us now or Request A Demo. Our standard implementation is 6-8 weeks but we can accelerate the process for the right opportunities.

“Working with FieldCap has been a great experience for our entire company. Their team helped us make some important process changes, got us up and running quickly and the support has been great.”

Scott Bissell, CEO Heat Oilfield

Step 2: Contact Us Or Request A Demo.

If you have answered the questions in Step 1 and believe you are ready to implement a new electronic field ticketing solution from FieldCap, then give us a call or send an email with your details to arrange a demonstration of FieldCap for your company.

Contact Us:

Step 3: Contract – Configure – Launch!

After a Demo and a Proposal, the official relationship between your company and FieldCap starts with a simple Contract outlining which modules your business will need and the number of Users – it’s that easy!

Our Delivery Team is dedicated to ensuring that you’re satisfied. We’re so confident about our ability to deliver, we allow Clients to hold back 10% of the implementation fees until final sign-off. (We would also like a ribbon-cutting picture with you for our Wall of Fame.)

Flexible Options. Fast Results. Happy Customers.

Yes. Give Me A Demo Please!

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