Getting Started With FieldCap Is Easy

Forget boring meetings and long documents. Our simple 3-step process can have you running in weeks.

Step 1: Simple Show & Tell

All it takes is one 30 minute demo, online or in person for you to discover EXACTLY how you can use FieldCap to improve your business.

Step 2: One-Page Proposal

Following a demo we will send you a simple one-pager outlining the costs and timelines to get your FieldCap up and running.

Step 3: Configure and Launch

Our team of “ticket whisperers” will activate your FieldCap and configure it with the modules you need. We then match them to your existing forms, lingo and data points. We help you get your “seed data” into the system and activate any integration you require. Launch happens in a day. Yes, it can be this simple!

Results Are Guaranteed!

We hold back a portion of your fees until you are happy – happy enough to pose for one of our goofy pics which we proudly hang in our office as a constant reminder that we serve great people.

Great. How Do I Get A Demo?

“Working with FieldCap has been a great experience for our entire company. Their team helped us make some important process changes, got us up and running quickly and the support has been great.”

Scott Bissell, CEO Heat Oilfield

FieldCap Is Future-Proof

You decide what is in Your FieldCap so you get everything you need and none of the things you don’t and you have the option to tweak it as your business evolves and your needs change.

There are almost an unlimited number of configurations, but here are some common examples:

1. Small Business Example

Smaller businesses will often use FieldCap as a complete end-to-end business management solution. (like a mini-ERP). So instead of using spreadsheets to store everything, they manage it all neatly in FieldCap and spit out nice clean invoices and reports or send approved ticket data directly to accounting packages like Quickbooks and Simply/Sage.

2. Medium Sized Business Example

Bigger customers use FieldCap features more like a tool set -mixing and matching to fix specific trouble spots in their business. That could be as simple as using our field-proven technology to capture field data accurately on devices and send it to other people or systems. Or to deal with things their existing systems don’t and clean up nagging paper forms and spreadsheets.

3. Enterprise Example

Some of our biggest customers use FieldCap as part of a larger data stack. They will integrate it with their other systems to get the benefits that they need from FieldCap while still doing larger data management and accounting functions in those other systems and ERP’s. They get exactly what they need without custom building it.

Flexible Options. Fast Results. Happy Customers.

Shouldn’t you at least take a look?

Yes. Give Me A Demo Please!